Popular Styles for Kitchen Cabinets

Could your kitchen cabinets use a makeover? As the heart of a home, your kitchen is a gathering place for household members and guests alike. So, make the most of it with kitchen cabinets that pair form with function. 

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles among homeowners today include:

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Especially for those of us with large families, cabinet space is king. That’s why floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets have become a leading choice among modern homeowners. This cabinet style allows you to maximize your space and seamlessly stow away all of your kitchen items. 

Glass-Front Cabinets

If you want to show off the contents of your kitchen cabinets, glass-front styles are perfect for you. As the name suggests, glass-front cabinets contain panels of glass to display glassware, china, cookbooks, and knick-knacks – the options are limitless. Adding glass-front cabinets to your kitchen is an excellent way to lighten and freshen up the space. 

Open Cabinets

When you think about kitchen cabinets, you likely think about the classic white or wooden hinged cabinet doors. But, you don’t have to enclose your cabinets. Open shelving is gaining popularity in modern kitchens for its minimalistic approach. Much like glass-front cabinets, it allows you to show off your favorite kitchen items and access them without ever having to open a cabinet door. 

Dark Cabinet Finishes

White may be traditional for kitchens, but it doesn’t have to dominate your space. Dark cabinet finishes have earned an uptick in popularity, thanks to their elegant-yet-edgy appearance. With dark cabinets, you can add depth and drama to your everyday kitchen. 

The best way to get the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home is to call in the experts. At Modern Cabinetry, we specialize in custom home cabinetry in Tampa. Contact us today to get started!